Working Genius Certified Facilitator

The Working Genius is not just an assessment. 
It's a tool, for life.

Transform the way you work

People who understand their genius show up to work happier, are more effective, and play well with others.  As a Certified Working Genius Facilitator, Addie is equipped to analyze and apply results to help individuals and teams to leverage Working Genius to be more innovative, strategic and effective.

Working with a Certified Facilitator can transform work for people by helping them:

- Understand why they have been successful or unsuccessful in past endeavors.

- Clarify which types of work give joy and energy and which types are draining and difficult.

- Avoid making unfair and inaccurate judgements about one another's motivation.

-Alleviate guilt about struggles people have with certain types of work.

-Improve dialogue and directives in team meetings.

-Make concrete adjustments to roles and responsibilities to better tap into one another's strengths, and avoid one another's weaknesses.

- Get more done in less time.


Application in the Real Estate Industry


Real Estate Agents

Discover which jobs within your business should be outsourced or delegated to a different team member to reduce burnout and better serve your customers.


Real Estate Teams

Improve the effectiveness of your team, and identify key areas/roles that need immediate transformation


Real Estate Brokers

Discover more effective ways to support your staff and agents in their business. Improve success rates of your agents, and operational culture.


Real Estate Association Leadership

Improve the effectiveness and quality of relationships with association leadership and staff.  Improve continuity and culture by incorporating a different vocabulary around the way things get done.


Real Estate Ancillary Partners

Improve operational effectiveness by simplifying communication within your organization. Improve the delivery of your product or service within a complex industry by succinctly understanding your end user.

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Transform Your Team

With near immediate results, when applied.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Working Genius Model that same as DISC?

No.  the Working Genius model is unique in that it is both Quantitative and Qualitative. 

Do you do this in person or online?

It can be done virtually or in person.  It is preferred to do this in person. The experience is different for the team, and typically more engaging.

How long does this take?

This workshop is customizable to the needs of your organization.  It is recommended that at least 2 hours of time for the most basic of workshop experiences.

How much does this cost?

The cost of this experience varies.  Contact Addie's team to tell us more about your specific needs.

Can this be done as a Keynote?

It can be with permission from the Table Group and must be structured according to their paramiters..